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H003 CO KLENS-2 Herbs

Carcinoma of the large intestines is the most common cancer. As human beings of today consume lots of meat and lack fibrous food, coupled with the use of aluminium utensils in the kitchen which causes aluminium poisoning, peristalsis of the large intestines has slowed down, causing the accumulation of 5kg - 10kg of accumulated feces. Accumulated feces not only produce toxins but it also causes lack of oxygen to the large intestines which indirectly destroys good bacteria within it while harmful bacteria propagate quickly. As 90% of the water is absorbed by the large intestines, these toxins are also absorbed and sent to the liver, resulting in the increase of workload on the liver. This in turn causes malfunctions in the liver and a drop in immunity thereby causing constipation, bad breath, indigestion, abdominal distension, skin problems and in serious cases, carcinoma of the intestines and tumours. Use Co Klens-2 from Conforer to effectively neutralize toxins and detoxify, cleanse the intestines, move bowels, remove accumulated faces, stimulate peristalsis, beautify skin and relief sores.
Suitable For :
Constipation, indigestion, flatus, inveterate faces, skin diseases, obesity, edema and etc.

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