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H005 B FLOW Herbs

We usually eat heavily seasoned, oily or salty food or smoke. All these produce free radicals which cause blood clots and increase viscosity of platelets in the blood. The blood will then turn dark red and sticky and red blood cells age at fast speeds, causing varicose or obstructions in the veins, reducing the absorption and transport of water, nutrients and oxygen. This causes organs to age and results in backaches, rheumatism, arthritis, cramps in the limbs, myocardiac ischemia and myocardiac hypoxia. Take B Flow from Conforer to dissolve blood clots and active the blood, activate the meridian, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation to the limbs and prevent aging of blood vessels.
Suitable For :
Internal injury, bruises, numbness of limbs, arithritis with wind and dampness, soreness of buck and loin, muscles cramp, varicosity, spasm, menstruation problem, and etc.

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