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H007 EX TOX-2

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H007 EX TOX-2 Herbs

South East Asian nations near the equator experience hot weather. Those who consume food which is roasted, spicy or fried, or the consumption  of curry, fried chicken, fast food and steak would produce excessive free radicals within their bodies and become prone to heatiness, sore throat, mouth ulcers, insomnia or hypertension, tonsillitis, swelling of the lymphatic glands, cystitis and nephritis. In serious cases, these may lead to cancer or tumours. Ex Tox-2 from Conforer clears heatiness and neutralizes toxins, relieves heat, clears the blood of free radicals and prevents heatiness, making it the best choice at home and while traveling.
Suitable For :
Sore throat, high fever, acne with redness, mouth ulcer inflammation, chicken pox, heaty people, haemorrhoids and etc.

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