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Diabetes is usually caused by insufficient secretion of insulin and the inability to balance excessive blood glucose. Insulin is analogous to a key which opens the  door to cells, transporting glucose into cells and providing cells with energy and heat. The brain requires about 25% of the glucose as fuel. If cells cannot get enough glucose, some of them will not be able to function properly and this may result in shaky limbs, bad concentration, slow reflex, dizziness, cold sweat and weakness of the heart. On the other hand, excessive glucose will result in arteriosclerosis of blood vessels in the eyes, limbs, heart and brains. 30% of those who suffer from kidney problems are caused by diabetes. Take Exsu Extract from Conforer to promote secretion of insulin by the pancreas, regulate blood glucose, glucose in the urine and reduce the risk of contracting diabetes.
Suitable For :
For high blood sugar, diabetes, nocturia, thirstiness and skin itchiness.

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