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H021 SKIN-FUL Herbs

The human skin is the third kidney which is capable of removing toxins, uric acid and sarcosine. Long term exposure to ultra violet radiation in sunlight damages cells in the skin. Consuming food that is too salty and too much of fried and deep fried food causes the pores to be blocked, reducing water content of the skin and causes oily skin and the appearance of black spots and senile spots. Weakening of the neutralizing effect of toxins by the liver and malfunctions of the large intestines causes weakening of the immune system which affects resistance of the skin. The skin become prone to infection by bacteria and becomes itchy or it may be infected by skin diseases. Use Skin-Ful from Conforer to neutralize toxins, relieve inflammation, promote detoxification by the skin, improve and beautify your skin.

Suitable For :
Skin allergy, skin irritation, rubella, eczema, skin aging and skin disease.

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