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Ageing of the human body begins from the blood vessels, especially capillaries in the brains. Cholesterol and blood clots in the blood cause obstructions, resulting in deficiency in blood, nutrient and oxygen supply to the brains. This in turn causes malfunctions in pituitary secretions and non-activeness of brain and nerve cells, bad concentration, low absorption, slow reflex and inagility in learning. In serious cases, it could affect intelligence. Brains are required in this competitive society in the 21st century where students and businessmen alike requires agility of the brains to face challenges. Take Gicon Capsules from Conforer to promote blood circulation to the brains and stimulate secretion by the pituitary gland, increase oxygen supply in the blood and prevent strokes and senile dementia.

Suitable For :
Poor memory, forgotfulness, clumsiness, dementia, inactivity, trombosis of brain, sticky blood, high blood pressure and apoplexy.

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