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H033 D'MUR

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H033 D'MUR Herbs

If one is prone to tumours, be it benign or malignant, such as myoma, sarcoma, angioma, lymphatic fistula and adenoma, are mostly caused by toxins,radiation or bacteria acting on cells. In general, tumours become bigger and bigger as they grow and they affect nearby organs. Doctors would normally suggest surgery to remove tumours but tumours would continue to grow one after another. And there are some tumours which grow very near or endanger certain parts of the body and surgery is avoided for the sake of safety. Conforer’s D’mur, which has been clinically tested, is be able to remove blood clots, neutralize toxins, act as an antioncotic and anti anti-inflammatory, resist and inhibit propagation of cancer cells, shrink or remove tumours and prevent tumours from continuously growing.
Suitable For :
All sorts of tumours, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, breast cancer, womb and ovary cancer, and other cancers.

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