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About Conforer Global: First & foremost, let's begin with our dearest Managing Director, Mr Alan Kok Kim Hing. Conforer Global was established in yea 1991, with his zeal,benevolence and ambitions...economic crisis, competitive market, ups and down, and so forth... where it operated traditionally. After a few years, it's been changed to multilevel marketing. With his stern principles to himself 'only successes, no failures', concuring every stiff competition, slowly but steadily Conforer Global was born. His motive is to bring 3 main concepts, dreams to all in family of Conforer Gloabal; That is, 'Health, Bliss, Happiness' to all people and enable them to realize their dreams and live lives to the fullest!
  5 reasons that let conforer grow firmly!
  1. Despite being small, what it stands out is its stable & steady growth. As we know Rome was not in one day!
  2. We have a perfect marketing plan that suits every walk of life, that finds your health back, that earns you money like no other!
  3. The price is always so affordable albeit being an MLM company,therefore,everyone can pay for it with low price.
  4. The precious and natural herbs we have is for health regulation, keeping better health, and for illness prevention.Giving you a better health, longer life and rejuvenated all the time!
  5. We're utilising the 6-4-2 system, which has been recruited and renowned worldwide, to drive into Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and Philippines!