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H009 EX CHOLES Herbs

Obesity is no longer considered a sign of prosperity for those obese are not only susceptible to diabetes, cardiac ailments, hypertension, infertility, become introvert, face difficulties in employment but they become subjects of discrimination. 50% of them are caused by over-eating and this is especially true in children. Obesity has become a killer. Take Ex Choles-2 from Conforer to relieve you of worries when faced with gourmet and when attending dinners. You need only take 2-3 Ex Choles-2 before the function and it effectively removes cholesterol and fats from your body, ensuring you a slim body and standard shape and weight while preventing obesity.
Suitable For :
For high cholesterol, lipemia, hemoconcentration, fatty liver, fatty heart (coradiposum / adiposis cardiaca), thrombosis, severe constipation; flattens paunch and slimming.

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