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Stroke not only causes semi-paralysis which brings inconvenience in movement but it also affects mental health. There are those who suffered stroke who have said, "Since i got a stroke, life became meaningless." "The whole world does not belong to me after i had a stroke", "I feel blurred after the stroke". Everyone does not want to be ill during their old days and definitely not getting a stroke. That is why prevention is necessary. Ginkgo is the savior of arteriosclerosis and senility. Take Ginkgo Extract from Conforer to soften blood vessels and regulate blood vessels in your heart, brains and limbs.

Suitable For :
Use in the treatment of stroke, brain hemorrhage, hypertension, narrowing of blood vessels of the heart, neurosis, bad memory, senile dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, asthma and venous engorgement in the limbs.

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